WildeGuide is the first review platform for outdoor adventure travel at the individual level.

To make it easier for people to explore the outdoors and to enable passionate outdoorsmen and women to make money doing what they love.


Where It All Began

WildeGuide was born between a fire and a tent at this campground in Glacier National Park.


We’re still growing, but we believe values are important from day one. These are the principles that guide our business and relationships.

Get The
Heck Outside

We believe the best days come with a little adventure. That means getting off our butts and doing something outside! Whether going into the mountains or a walk around the neighborhood, when we wake up we’re determined to make it the best day ever.


MoNa (Mother Nature) doesn’t mess around. We admire her beauty but bow down to her danger. We believe in staying mindful of nature’s fragility, power, and uncertainty so that we can protect the outdoors and keep one another safe.


We believe that sharing information benefits everyone and sharing experiences creates relationships. Even though we enjoy our solitude at the top of a mountain, we want everyone to have a chance to take in that damn good view. Plus, a celebratory summit beer is better when shared.


Giving our all. Giving selflessly. Giving someone a chance. Giving something a try. Giving back. Giving without expecting something in return. We’re proud to be a part of the #GiveFirst community in beautiful Boulder, Colorado.

Make It

We believe life’s too short not to laugh. We get down to business but don’t take ourselves seriously all of the time. We value being silly and being yourself. Bring out the inner child in you.

SupportEach Other

Whether it’s giving our friends confidence, lending our neighbor an egg, or picking trash up from a trail — we believe in practicing kindness. This means looking up from our devices and connecting with one another. It also means reminding ourselves to stay humble as f**k.

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